Inmigración, uno de los temas abordados en el foro de los candidatos demócratas a la procuraduría de Illinois

Quad Cities Leaders Hold Presentation on DACA

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Current State of DACA

Quad Cities News

The Forum's Rocio Velazquez Kato spoke about civic engagement around DACA in the Quad Cities.

Arthur Jones, el candidato republicano al Congreso de Illinois que niega el Holocausto

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Latino Policy Forum Held With Gubernatorial Candidates

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Using Data to Help ELLs Succeed Requires Partnerships, Persistence, Report Argues

The Forum's education team was heavily involved in this report. The article states, "New America also praises Illinois' partnership with the Latino Policy Forum, a Chicago-based advocacy group that advises state on English-learner issues."

Illinois Rep. Jeanne Ives calls for repeal of sanctuary state law

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Watershed Moment For Latino Politics In Cook County

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Forum ED Sylvia Puente Weighs in on Congressman Gutierrez Testing Waters for 2020 Presidential Run

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LAURA WASHINGTON: Tensions simmer between African-Americans and Latinos

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