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Leadership Academy Call for Applications

Leadership Academy Call for Applications


For its seventh year, the Multicultural Leadership Academy builds on the six year tradition of the Illinois Latino Nonprofit Leadership Academy in developing and training Illinois change agents committed to strengthening communities. Since its inception in 2009, the Latino Policy Forum has trained over 150 leaders and emerging stars from more than 55 organizations.

The Multicultural Leadership Academy will provide a series of leadership workshops for individuals actively involved in social justice; and sponsored by organizations committed to social change, policy impact, and/or community improvement that serve communities of color throughout Illinois. Applicants may be employees, board members or volunteers at their sponsoring organization.

Given the state’s current fiscal crisis and diminishing public resources, fostering cooperation and leadership across communities of color via the Academy has never been more urgent. The Forum has made a strategic decision to widen the scope of its Leadership Academy, and is committed to creating a diverse network of community leaders of color who are actively involved in social change and policy impact. The Multicultural Leadership Academy will result in strengthened relationships among community leaders from diverse communities of color, focusing primarily on Latinos and Africans Americans. Given Chicago’s historic segregation, alliance building across communities requires a deliberate and intentional approach.

A distinguishing factor of the Multicultural Leadership Academy will be to acknowledge the significant leadership attributes inherent in our cultural DNA. We will utilize various modalities, including cultural anthropology, arts, and the creation of sacred space to acknowledge, cultivate and inspire social, policy, and/or community change.  We will draw on the traditions of a diverse range of cultures to promote transformative leadership and contribute to a network of community leaders of color who are actively involved in social justice.


About the Multicultural Leadership Academy

The Academy works to ensure leaders serving communities of color are equipped with the skills necessary to achieve success and attain higher levels of excellence.

The Academy’s core learning competencies for participants and their organizations include:

(1)   Transformational Leadership: Transformational leaders contribute to change that uplifts others, creates motivating workplaces, communicates an inspiring vision and establishes a compelling moral and ethical framework.

(2)   Intercultural Understanding: Foster an understanding of Illinois’ diverse communities and identify their common interests.

(3)   Social Change/Policy Action/Community Improvement: Participants will collaborate with their cohort via ‘affinity groups’ on how to create a better, more equitable Illinois through social change, policy action and community improvement.


The Academy will:



The total cost of the program is estimated at $8,000 per person. A contribution of $2,500 per individual is requested. FULL and PARTIAL scholarships are available to cover the individual contribution based on the need of the applicant/organization. Participants will be selected regardless of their ability to contribute to the financial cost of the program.


The Academy will begin in September 2016 and run through June 2017. Over the nine-month period, a full seven days of training will be provided to each cohort. Participants also commit to meet regularly with their “affinity groups” to create, share and implement a collaboratively-developed action plan. Workshop dates are as follows:

Application Requirements/Attachments

Please see the Application Checklist on page four for a complete list of required items.

Applications must be completed by noon (12:00pm CST) on Thursday, June 2, 2016. 

The application can be found here.



  * Please review full application for additional materials and attachments required.

Application Checklist


Application Deadline

Applications must be completed by noon (12:00pm CST) on Thursday, June 2, 2016

The application can be found here.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Jessica Pérez

Project Coordinator


312.376.1766 x230



*This program is contingent upon funding