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Sarah Cartagena

Senior Policy Analyst

Sarah Cartagena is a Senior Policy Analyst, who focuses on advancing the Forum’s initiatives relating to how federal immigration issues are impacting Illinoisans. This includes facilitating the engagement of the Forum and its immigration allies in public decision-making and immigration issue advocacy. Along with this work, Sarah also brings awareness to the community by providing presentations and workshops for organizations, school administrators, students, and parents regarding immigration policy and its impact on community and personal well-being, 

Sarah holds a Master of Public Administration in Human Rights and Social Justice with a specific focus on immigration policy and immigrant rights from Cornell University. Prior to this position, Sarah worked as a research consultant, investigating the effects of environmental changes on migration in Mexico for the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future at Cornell University. She also worked with the Cornell Farmworker Program to produce policy briefs on the perceptions of migrant farmworkers in the United States. Sarah is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer of Madagascar.