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Estoy indignada por el ataque perpetrado contra las familias y los inmigrantes latinos. La humanidad de este país está en crisis. Los niños están siendo separados a la fuerza de los brazos de sus madres; ¡hemos conocido casos incluso de niños que han sido apartados de sus madres mientras les estaban dando pecho! 

Un periodista de la NBC ha descrito las condiciones deplorables de lo que antes era un Walmart y que se ha convertido en un centro de detención de niños inmigrantes en Brownsville, Texas. En dicho centro, obligan a los niños a llevar pulseras con códigos de barras, y solo se les permite ver el sol dos horas al día.   Un autobús para trasladar detenidos con... Continue Reading

It’s imperative that the next generation of Latino leaders learn from the lessons of those who came before them. The Latino Policy Forum recently gathered more than 200 years of collective experience of activism on one stage at its Founders Breakfast Plática at the Siskel Film Center.

The esteemed panel included Esther Nieves and Maria De Los Angeles “Nena” Torres who were the first executive directors of Mayor Harold Washington’s Advisory Council on Latino Affairs, or MACLA for short, that started three decades ago; Carlos DeJesús, who was the second and longest serving executive director of the Forum’s predecessor organization Latinos United; Jesus “Chuy” Garcia who was a Board Member of Latinos... Continue Reading

Forum Executive Director Sylvia Puente joined Senator Dick Durbin on June 25th at El Valor's Cantu Children & Family Center in Little Village to meet with a classroom of children making cards of encouragement for children who've been separated from their families at the southern border. 

The following are Sylvia's comments to the media about the issue of family separation: I am outraged by this assault on immigrant and Latino families.  I am outraged by the callous disregard for the value of families.  I am outraged that human beings are being compared to an “infestation." 

I believe that our humanity as a nation is in turmoil. I believe that our response... Continue Reading

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By Rocio Velazquez Kato, Immigration Policy Analyst

It is an awful and illegal idea to jail children indefinitely along with adults. The only way to end mass family separations at the border is to end the “Zero Tolerance” policy of prosecuting every single person crossing the border without authorization.

The Executive Order signed by the president does not solve the callous impact of the “Zero Tolerance” policy currently being enforced at the United States-Mexico border. Instead, the Executive Order directs the Department of Homeland Security to detain parents and children together for indefinite periods of time. 

The Order seeks to overturn the 1997 Flores v.... Continue Reading

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I am outraged by the assault on Latino immigrants and families. Our humanity as a nation is in turmoil. Infants being ripped out of their mother’s arms, in some reported cases while their mothers were nursing them! An NBC reporter described the deplorable conditions at an old Walmart now substituting as a child immigrant detention center in Brownsville, Texas, where children wear bar-coded bracelets and see the sunlight just two hours per day. A detention bus specially outfitted with child seats to transport babies. Babies! My heart aches. My tears flow. I put the responsibility for this fully on the shoulders of the current presidential administration. This assault must stop.  

Anyone who knows me knows that... Continue Reading