The pandemic has wreaked havoc on K-12 education. Here is how we can transform the damage into real, positive, equitable change.

By Karen Garibay-Mulattieri, Senior Educational Advisor, and Noreen Sugrue, Director of Research

Too many discussions around public policy and resource-allocation in the wake of COVID have centered around a “return to normal.” Rather than trying to get back to 2019, we must examine what has been exposed, exacerbated, and broken by the pandemic and reimagine how these institutions could be new and improved in 2022 and beyond.

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Conclusiones del presupuesto estatal que el gobernador Pritzker en un año que debe servir para cicatrizar heridas

Por Latino Policy Forum

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En el transcurso del debate sobre el estado de Illinois, el gobernador JB Pritzker presentó su propuesta de presupuesto para el AF22. El documento es un fiel reflejo de las dificultades que atraviesa el estado a consecuencia de la pandemia del COVID-19. No en vano, durante el debate, se afirmó que este era presupuesto más difícil al que se ha tenido que enfrentar un Gobierno estatal.

El gobernador ha propuesto un presupuesto equilibrado de $41.600 millones; no contempla una subida de impuestos para la ciudadanía, pero, sin embargo, sí hace un... Continue Reading

Forum Director of Research Noreen Sugrue provides regular updates on the implications of the latest COVID-19 data. Here, she looks back at all the factors that allowed COVID to spread rampant across the state and nation, and especially in the Latino community, as vaccines are finally being rolled out at the one-year anniversary of lockdown.

By Noreen Sugrue, Director of Research

One year ago this week, the state of Illinois entered lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We had only just realized that the situation was far more serious than expected, though we did not yet know just how long-lasting or severe its consequences would be, or how disproportionately they would fall. As we embark on year... Continue Reading

Forum Director of Research Noreen Sugrue provides regular updates on the implications of the latest COVID-19 data. Here, she discusses why post-pandemic economic forecasts are insufficient without racial-ethnic and gender considerations.

By Noreen Sugrue, Director of Research

The Brookings Institution has issued a report analyzing job gain and job loss projections through 2029. The report analyzes Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) information to forecast and quantify “potential long-term structural changes that may result from consumer and firm behavior due to the pandemic.” It states:

“These projections are noteworthy because they represent a plausible effort to forecast factors such as the nation’s increased avoidance of interpersonal contact, firms’ embrace of telework, and expanded demand for information technology (IT)—all... Continue Reading

The American Rescue Plan will provide overdue stimulus checks for many immigrants and their families who have been denied them thus far, including tens of thousands of Illinois children.

By Sarah Cartagena, Immigration Analyst

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After being explicitly excluded from benefits of the CARES Act and the December 2020 coronavirus relief package, approximately 94,000 U.S. citizen and legal-status children of undocumented parents in Illinois can finally claim their deserved economic assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic. An estimated additional $131.6M is now coming directly to mixed-status families in Illinois in the form of stimulus checks. 

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