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Recently, in a mixed audience of citizens of many countries, an American journalist raised his hand and asked to explain how Venezuela, once the richest country in South America, that holds the world’s largest supply of crude oil, became one of the poorest nations among Latin-American countries. The question was difficult to respond without providing a historical, socio-political perspective of the origins of the human tragedy that permeates the country nowadays. What we know, as a fact, is that for 21years, Venezuela has been plummeting toward the worst humanitarian crisis in the Western hemisphere, with more than 4 million people displaced. According to... Continue Reading

Since its inception, the Latino Policy Forum has taken the lead on bringing Latinos from all walks of life together with lawmakers in Springfield to discuss building a better, stronger Illinois for all.

This year has been no exception.

As we count down to Census 2020, the next few months will be critical for getting the word out to hard-to-count Latino communities across Illinois—it is s necessary for everyone to be counted. As part of this census outreach, the Forum along with nonprofit allies are hosting our annual Latino Unity Day in Springfield under the theme “Countdown to Census 2020- Unidad, Fuerza, Adelante.” In addition to losing out on potentially billions of dollars in federal funding with a Census 2020... Continue Reading

I first went to work in Springfield in 1982 on a fellowship in the governor’s office. At that time, there was just one Latino in the Legislature and one that worked in the governor’s office. While we celebrate the great strides our Latino community has made, at the same time, please know that we at the Latino Policy Forum recognize there still is much more to be accomplished.


Today Latino representation in state government is at an all-time high. In the first months of 2019, Latino appointments have included:

  • As Deputy Governor, Jesse Ruiz, a longtime Forum ally on public education issues, and Sol Flores, a Forum co-founder and former board chair.
  • Aurora Rep. Linda Chapa... Continue Reading

Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Proposal Response

Governor JB Pritzker was sworn into office with a $3.2 billion budget deficit and almost $15 billion in unpaid bills and debt. His FY20 proposed budget focused on three key areas: education, health and human services, and public safety. Pritzker also emphasized a capital plan that will include investments in Illinois’ facilities and transportation infrastructure.

Gov. Pritzker stated that the FY20 budget plan was part of a multi-year endeavor to get Illinois fiscally stable and to eliminate its structural deficit. The address highlighted plans to create new revenue that will balance the budget, one of those streams being a progressive income tax that the Latino... Continue Reading

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The Latino Policy Forum would like to congratulate one of its co-founders, Sol Flores, a longtime Forum board member and Executive Director of La Casa Norte, for being named Deputy Governor in Governor JB Pritzker’s administration. 

Sol has served the Forum for many years and in many different capacities including board chair and co-chair of the Forum’s Housing Acuerdo, which brings housing organizations from across Illinois together to develop and execute priorities and a common agenda around housing in the state. She has served as executive director of La Casa Norte for 16 years where the organization serves youth and families confronting homelessness by providing access to stable housing and deliver comprehensive services that act as a catalyst to transform... Continue Reading