We are pleased that justice was served in today’s verdict and grieve for the families affected by this tragedy. The Forum, which builds cooperation between African American and Latino community leaders, hopes this will bring real reform and #ChicagoPeace

#VanDykeMurderTrial ‬

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Estimados amigos,

Mientras me despido del verano, reflexiono sobre lo que han sido unos ajetreados últimos meses para el Forum. Durante este tiempo, apoyamos la normativa que habría protegido los derechos humanos de los inmigrantes (a la cual me referiré más adelante), planeamos una recaudación de fondos anual para conmemorar el décimo aniversario de la constitución de esta organización como el Latino Policy Forum y sumamos nuevos talentos a nuestra plantilla. Uno de los aspectos más destacados durante este tiempo ha sido la graduación de la segunda promoción de la Multicultural Leadership Academy, la academia del Forum que forma a líderes comunitarios; este grupo ya está haciendo una labor importante en las comunidades afroamericanas y latinas de Illinois.

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Dear Friends,

As I say goodbye to summer, I reflect on what’s been a busy past few months for the Forum. We supported legislation through the Legislature that would have protected the human rights of immigrants (which I will get into later) to planning an annual fundraiser commemorating the 10th year as the Latino Policy Forum and bringing on fresh talent to our staff. One of the highlights of the season was giving a great send off to a second cohort of community leaders from the Forum’s Multicultural Leadership Academy -- a group that is already active doing great things in Illinois’ black and Latino communities.

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By Florencia Romero, Latino Policy Forum Communications Intern

Chicago has historically been considered the most segregated city in the United States, and its African-American and Latino communities have too often been in competition with each other in politics, education, business, etc. The Latino Policy Forum has taken steps to bridge these divides by building understanding and camaraderie among civic leaders from both groups. 

The 2018 Multicultural Leadership Academy is an initiative that strengthens these bonds between black and brown communities, and last month the Forum graduated its second cohort of this program at Chicago’s South Shore Cultural Center.

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In Partnership with the Ounce of Prevention, the Latino Policy Forum convened a group of experts to craft recommendations to help boost the number of early childhood professionals who can serve children from diverse language and cultural backgrounds.  CLICK HERE to read recommendations.

Projected student growth in Illinois from 2005-2020 will largely come from the children of immigrants.  Preliminary findings from the Illinois Early Childhood Workforce Hiring Survey (2017) highlight that the most difficult position to hire is a lead teacher licensed by Illinois State Board of Education. Forty-two percent of respondents indicated a need for bilingual staff with 15 percent needing more than two bilingual staff. More than half of respondents (55%) state there is a limited pool... Continue Reading