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By Rebecca Vonderlack-Navarro PhD and Karen Garibay-Mulattieri

Test scores are not the end-all be-all when it comes to predicting college success. Nor should they be the only data used to evaluate school performance. Studies conducted by the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research have shown that attendance and grades in core subject areas are more reliable indicators of high school graduation and success thereafter. Yet, the national rhetoric and federal law remain firmly focused on student growth and subject area mastery as demonstrated by annual testing. This practice is troublesome for subgroups such as English learners and the newcomers who are a part of this group (newcomers are those students who are in their first year of... Continue Reading

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By Manny Gonzales

It was a great day for Illinois. School children, parents, educators and lawmakers cheered as Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a landmark school funding reform bill yesterday that will benefit all students equitably across the state. 

The Forum’s Executive Director Sylvia Puente and Manager of Education Policy and Research Karen Garibay-Mulattieri were also on hand to applaud SB 1947, which has specific benefits for one of the fastest growing segments of the student population: English Learners. The Forum’s efforts promoted an increase to funding for English Learners that will result in a total of $38 million in new revenue,... Continue Reading

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Autor: Karen Garibay-Mulattieri, Manager of Education Policy and Research 

Las escuelas públicas están atravesando grandes dificultades para superar las demoras en los pagos -si es que se producen- procedentes del estado. Illinois no ha cumplido con sus obligaciones y se ha quedado a la zaga del país a la hora de proveer una financiación adecuada con la que educar a nuestros hijos. En consecuencia, las escuelas no disponen de los recursos necesarios para cubrir las necesidades de los estudiantes con bajos recursos económicos.

Varias comisiones han analizado este problema en profundidad y, finalmente, parecía que había un rayo esperanza. La ley 1 del Senado se diseñó para establecer objetivos de financiación para... Continue Reading

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By Karen Garibay-Mulattieri, Manager of Education Policy and Research

After two years, six days, and 16 hours, Illinois has finally passed a budget! Illinois school funding however, is still pending with the next school year looming.

With the help of Republicans who demonstrated courage in breaking ranks with the Governor, the Illinois Senate and House of Representatives voted to override Rauner’s veto to provide citizens with a budget. This new budget has increased funding for early childhood and services to families, which has already gone into effect. Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza and state college presidents have gone on record as saying the passage of the state budget was critical to the ability... Continue Reading

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By Manny Gonzales

Illinois Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti, the first Latina to occupy the office in the state and nation, made the proud declaration in defense of immigrants that “Illinois is a welcoming state para todos!”

Sanguinetti was just one of the esteemed elected leaders from Illinois participating in the 6th Annual Latino Unity Day on May 10 at the state capital. The Illinois Latino Agenda, a Forum initiative, hosted the recent rally of Latino organizations, which featured a luncheon with speeches by Sanguinetti, who touched on important issues involving education and immigration, and other legislators from the Illinois Latino Legislative Caucus.

Throughout the day, advocates promoted various pieces of... Continue Reading

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By Manny Gonzales

Spring is here and Illinois remains in a budgetary limbo. Human service organizations and non-profits that help Illinois’ most vulnerable communities continue to feel the pain of nearly two years of no full-year budget. Some organizations have been forced to cut staff and a few have shuttered completely. Unfortunately, without community based programs, working families will not be able to access high quality child care to support them.

Cornell Brisco is a Chicagoland father whose three-year old daughter, Naomi Ivory, is excelling in bilingual courses at Carole Robertson Center for Learning in Southwest Chicago. He has seen the costs of some... Continue Reading

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The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) will determine the future of public education in America, and the Forum has consistently been entrenched in assisting the Illinois state plan by suggesting recommendations and advocating for English Learners and Latino families so they have equitable access to high quality education.

The Forum’s education team was invited by the Chicago Public Schools’ Bilingual Parent Advisory Council to present on ESSA and school accountability to over 300 parents at several elementary schools across Chicagoland. The workshops featured live polling on a variety of questions and concerns regarding school ratings and evaluations. Thirteen different languages were spoken among participating parents.


Image: Parents listening... Continue Reading

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The Forum advocated for early-childhood and English learners as Illinois develops its plan under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Looking ahead to 2017, the Forum will collaborate with the Migration Policy Institute to work on assessment and accountability. Other actions taken by the Forum related to school funding reform in 2016 included: 

  • Blogging about the funding system and the need for reform. Read it here.
  • Meeting with the Illinois Advisory Council on Bilingual Education to inform them of school funding reform and accountability discussions at the state level

Forum staff also coordinated and moderated a panel on professional development related to English Learners at Illinois Association... Continue Reading

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By Diana Mendoza Scanlan

It’s been a bruising year for Latinos nationwide, following a contentious presidential election that saw immigrants cast as villains. The Forum has heard from many in the community who feel disenfranchised by the election’s results. In these trying times, now more than ever your support is critical to the sustainability of Latinos in Illinois and across the nation.

On this Giving Tuesday, DONATE to help the Forum continue its work convening local, state and national leaders to take proactive steps that move Latinos forward by focusing on the issues that matter: A better future in education, preserving immigrants’ rights, fair housing and strengthening... Continue Reading

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