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The Forum's Housing Department provided two fair housing trainings through the T.E.C.H.O. Fair Housing cirriculum in the early part of this month. This training could impact thousands of people throughout Illinois by providing them with community-based housing.   

T.E.C.H.O. stands for Training and Education Creates Housing Opportunities, is a “train-the-trainer” model designed to develop community-based housing advocates capable of delivering practical housing education. The content is targeted to individuals who experience housing challenges and offers practical knowledge to aid in the acquisition and maintenance of quality housing. 

The engaging curriculum introduces best practices on major housing topics with an end goal of assisting housing seekers and providers serving the greater Latino... Continue Reading

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By Ivy Perez,  Former Summer 2017 Housing Policy Associate

When I first started working as a Summer Associate in the Housing Department at the Latino Policy Forum, I had no idea I wanted to pursue a career in housing policy. I was expecting to graduate with a master’s in public policy soon, and had become interested in studying gentrification. When I joined the Forum, I hoped that, through my contributions to the Housing Department, I would also learn a lot about the way in which housing issues affect different communities and the way in which local organizations view issues such as gentrification and affordable housing.

I was attracted to working with the... Continue Reading

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Operation H.E.L.P. (Housing Education Leadership and Policy) impacted more than  than 73,678 families in more than 44 community areas across Illinois in its two-year operation, which provided housing counseling services, case management, referrals, trainings and workshops to community leaders, landlords and tenants in foreclosure and participated in dissipating  foreclosure prevention resource information in housing fairs and community events.

As a result of this project, seven of the participating organizations in the collaboration have increased their capacity by developing housing programs to assist the needs of their communities  and are in the process of becoming HUD approved agencies. Click Here for more information about this project.

On November 18, the Latino Policy Forum facilitated... Continue Reading

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By Diana Mendoza Scanlan

It’s been a bruising year for Latinos nationwide, following a contentious presidential election that saw immigrants cast as villains. The Forum has heard from many in the community who feel disenfranchised by the election’s results. In these trying times, now more than ever your support is critical to the sustainability of Latinos in Illinois and across the nation.

On this Giving Tuesday, DONATE to help the Forum continue its work convening local, state and national leaders to take proactive steps that move Latinos forward by focusing on the issues that matter: A better future in education, preserving immigrants’ rights, fair housing and strengthening... Continue Reading

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Here are the latest housing updates from the Forum.

The Forum, in partnership with the Center for Changing Lives, facilitated one of its TECHO (Training and Education Creates Housing Opportunities) presentations in August aimed at educating the community on fair housing rights. As a result of the collaborative effort, 14 people were educated on housing and tenant/landlord rights. With a mix of renters and future landlords the group was able to explore best practices addressing rental properties.

TECHO’s interactive trainings are available to all community-based organizations and increase the capacity of nonprofit agencies serving Latinos to work on issues such as discrimination, foreclosures, affordable housing, fair housing and the Chicago Residential... Continue Reading

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Summer 2016 Newsletter

  ·  Sylvia Puente

Dear Friends,

Despite the festivities and warmth that make this time of the year special for everyone, there’s a cloud hanging over the state brought on by the failure of government officials to pass an operating budget at the end of the state legislature’s spring session for the second straight year. 

While much of state government continues to function through court orders and consent decrees, children and families are unnecessarily suffering due to the lack of state funding for human services and higher education.  According to a recent survey conducted by the United Way of Illinois, nearly 1 million people are without services because... Continue Reading

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Here are the latest housing updates from the Forum.

Operation H.E.L.P.

The Forum and Operation H.E.L.P. participated in a Feria de Vivienda, or housing fair, on April 30 hosted by Proyecto de Acción de los Suburbios del Oeste (P.A.S.O.) and Interfaith Leadership Project.

Thirty Melrose Park families received information regarding loan modification scams, foreclosure prevention services, Fair Housing and Home Purchasing with DACA or an ITIN number. 

Main supporters included Boston Community Capital, The Private Bank and RE/MAX. Other participating agencies included Patricia Gutierrez Pascual’s Law PC, First Midwest Bank, Second Federal, Northwest Side Housing Center and Pinpoint Mortgage. 

Operation H.E.L.P. also participated at the “My Wellness, My... Continue Reading

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Here are the latest housing updates from the Forum.

City Council Testimony: The Forum provided testimony to the Chicago City Council’s Housing Committee in support of the Keeping the Promise Ordinance earlier this quarter.

As supporters of the proposed ordinance, the Forum believes it would increase access for Latinos to CHA programs and resources, and would make CHA more transparent and accountable. On February 17, Housing Manager Savannah Clement provided testimony publicly endorsing the passing of ordinance. Read the testimony here.

Promotores de Vivienda Justa: The Forum extends a heartfelt thank you to this winter quarter’s students from DePaul University who participated in... Continue Reading

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This testimony was submitted February 17, 2016 to the Chicago City Council’s Housing Committee by the Forum's Housing Manager Savannah Clement. As supporters of the Keeping the Promise Ordinance, the Forum believes the proposed ordinance would increase access for Latinos to CHA programs and resources, and would make CHA more transparent and accountable.  

The Latino Policy Forum is one of the leading organizations in the Chicago region that fosters Latino participation in all levels of public decision-making. The Forum seeks to inform, influence, and lead the public policy debate in the areas of early education, housing, immigration and civic advancement. It does so in partnership with Latino and other civic leaders in order to promote the well-being of the Latino... Continue Reading

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