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Summer 2016 Newsletter

  ·  Sylvia Puente

Dear Friends,

Despite the festivities and warmth that make this time of the year special for everyone, there’s a cloud hanging over the state brought on by the failure of government officials to pass an operating budget at the end of the state legislature’s spring session for the second straight year. 

While much of state government continues to function through court orders and consent decrees, children and families are unnecessarily suffering due to the lack of state funding for human services and higher education.  According to a recent survey conducted by the United Way of Illinois, nearly 1 million people are without services because... Continue Reading

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Here are the latest updates from the Forum’s education team.

Early Childhood Education Advocacy Day

The Forum’s partners and advocates headed to the state capitol on April 20 to advocate for the fair tax amendment and early childhood education. More than 10 organizations and 72 participants made the journey to Springfield, Illinois, visiting over 20 legislators. Parents shared emotional tales of their child’s progress and offered regalitos, or small gifts, to emphasize the positive results of funding early childhood education.

See photos of parents and advocates in action here. The conversation also continued on Twitter, engaging and informing audiences citywide. Check out the conversations... Continue Reading

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Here are the latest updates from the Forum’s education team.

Abriendo Puertas:  Congratulations to Metropolitan Family Services Child Parent Centers and their 10 Parent Resource Teachers for completing the Forum’s Abriendo Puertas Facilitator Institute, February 17 to 19. Abriendo Puertas is the nation’s first evidence-based, popular education, parent leadership training program developed in Spanish by and for Latino parents with children 0-5 years of age.

The participants spend three days learning about the parent engagement curriculum and how to implement it using the Popular Education methodology.

ECE Day: Now more than ever your support for early learning services is needed to restore the... Continue Reading

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For those of us in the early childhood field, it is a familiar scene: preschool classrooms with large numbers—even majorities—of children of color.  Increasingly the norm in Illinois’ cities and suburbs, these classrooms are a snapshot of the nation’s demographic future. 

The trends fueling the growing diversity of the early childhood population have shown little sign of stopping, as newly released Census data vividly reveal. Children of color now make up half of all children age five and under for the first time in U.S. history.  And the growth isn’t slowing: Government data predict that in the next five years, the “half-and-half” statistic for of color/White children will hold true for all young people under age 18. While the... Continue Reading

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On April 30, the Latino Policy Forum traveled with nearly 50 Chicago-area parents to Springfield to urge legislators to protect and restore funding for early education and childcare. Two mothers shared their experiences with us.

El 30 de abril, el Latino Policy Forum viajó con casi 50 padres a Springfield para abogar que los legisladores protegieran y restauraran los fondos para la educación prescolar. Al siguiente, dos madres nos contaron sus experiencias.


Madre El Valor, Pilsen from Latino Policy Forum on Vimeo.

Madre El Valor, La Villita from Latino Policy Forum on Vimeo.

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Want to improve higher education outcomes? Invest early.

Early childhood education professionals and advocates can easily spend hours discussing the linkages between strong foundations in early education and strong outcomes in higher education–but we asked them to keep it to just an hour on May 1. That was the date of the College Board’s annual Prepárate Conference and the Latino Policy Forum’s workshop around early childhood education’s role in boosting academic success later in life.

Prepárate drew education leaders and professionals from across the country to Chicago for a two-day discussion around solutions and best practices for fostering Latino students’ academic success. The Latino Policy Forum wanted to ensure that early education received its due at the conference, and... Continue Reading

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