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Leadership Initiatives—Spring Quarter Updates

Here are the latest leadership initiatives happening at the Forum.

Budget crisis: As debate ensues regarding the next fiscal cycle, the Forum is profoundly disappointed the Governor and the Illinois General Assembly have failed to reach agreement on the FY16 budget nine months into the fiscal year.  The Forum also issued a formal reaction to Governor Rauner’s State of the State address. Click here to read the statement.

On February 27, The Forum stood with members of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus at Chicago State University to voice concerns about the MAP grant cuts recently announced. Advocates and students called on government officials to reinstate the grant that many low-income students depend on to fund their education. To watch clips from the rally, follow the Forum on Periscope.

Electoral Participation: Leading up to the March 15 Primary election, the Forum launched a blog series to help voters navigate the election season. The series mapped out early voting locations, same-day voter registration, and included a guest blog by Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois member, Juan Morado Jr., who helped explain the judicial candidates and other electoral issues. In case you missed it, you can read the series here.

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