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Public Charge

Watch the PIF-IL Facebook Live Press Conference on Oct 10, 2018, the day the "Public Charge" was filed into the federal registry. 


Why Leave a Comment Today?

Federal law gives all of us a chance to fight back, by submitting a “public comment” on the proposed Trump regulation. The government must consider each perspective and either explain why they disagree with it or change the rule.

We strongly encourage you to make your comment unique by editing the draft text box. Your comments should explain how taking away the ability to sue these public services would harm you, your family, or your community. If you do not want to include any personal information, a friend or representative can submit a comment for you.

Want to make your voice heard? The federal comment period is open now!


Click here to view the comment template.

Have questions about the "Public Charge" click here for the Protecting Immigrant Families FAQ page

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