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Representation in Government

State governments should reflect state populations; as such the dramatic growth in Illinois' Latino community must be accompanied by greater representation in state government.

Latino representation ensures that the state operations and decision-making reflect the needs and interests of all residents. As such, the Latino Policy Forum and MALDEF’s Midwest regional office collaborate with the nearly 50 members of its Illinois Latino Agenda to promote Latino electoral participation, advocate for Latino appointments to state boards and commissions, and hold the state accountable for the employment goals detailed in Public Act 094-0597, the Illinois Hispanic Employment Plan. 

The Latino Policy Forum also actively engaged in Illinois' redistricting process following the 2010 Census, providing analysis of the legislative district boundaries established by the Illinois General Assembly in May 2011 and the City of Chicago in January 2012.

Resources related to Representation in State Government are available below. For additional information, contact Martin Torres.

Photo: Olga Lopez