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Strengthening Leadership

Strengthening the Latino nonprofit sector is critical to building healthy and thriving Illinois communities. Nonprofit institutions support Illinois’ growing Latino population with essential services and training that improve the lives of all Illinois families.

As the Latino population continues to grow, so too does the need for Latino community organizations to provide greater levels of education, health, housing, family, and social services. But despite this growth in need, research shows that nationally only one percent of total foundation funding has been dedicated to serving Latinos over the past decade.  Now more than ever, Latino leaders require additional and ongoing support to bolster the sustainability of their organizations and to provide high-quality programs and services, particularly in suburban Chicago and downstate Illinois, areas of new growth for the Latino community.

Via the Multicultural Leadership Academy, the Forum works to ensure nonprofit organizations serving communities of color are equip their leaders with the skills and networks necessary to achieve organizational success and reach their next level of excellence and sustainability. The Academy fosters organizational leadership and sustainability, personal leadership development, and community leadership within the context of Latino culture and heritage via a series of retreats and on-site technical assistance for cohorts of emerging and veteran leaders.  

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Photo: Olga Lopez