Block Club Chicago quotes Sylvia Puente in analysis of Latino voter turnout and results in recent mayoral election

Block Club Chicago

WTTW interviews Sylvia on disparity of Latino growth in Chicago and ILA's transition memo to mayor-elect Brandon Johnson addressing that


WBEZ quotes Sylvia Puente on Latino voter turnout being factor in results of mayoral run-off election


Chicago Tribune reports on ILA coalition initiative to partner with new mayor to keep Chicago a sanctuary city, quoting ILA members Raul Raymundo and Sylvia Puente

Chicago Tribune

Southside Weekly says Chicago’s mayoral election still too close to call, citing Northerwestern poll

Southside Weekly

The Crusader mentions Northwestern poll showing dead heat between Chicago mayoral candidates

The Crusader

NBC mentions Northwestern poll showing Chicago Latinos tilting toward Paul Vallas in mayoral run-off election

NBC News

The Edge publishes piece by Noreen Sugrue, Director of Research, that highlights barriers Latinas still face

The Edge

FOX 32 interviews Sylvia Puente on her prediction of the Chicago Latinos vote on election day

Fox 32

Chicago Sun-Times reports on Northwestern poll highlighting lack of mayoral campaign outreach to Latino, Black voters

Chicago Sun-Times