Univision Chicago - Bilingual Early Education Workforce

As a new mandate designed to develop bilingual skills in young learners is set to go into effect, the Illinois early childhood education (ECE) workforce is scrambling to comply, and yet largely uninterested in seeking additional linguistic credentials, according to study results released in September 2012. The study, conducted by UC Berkeley, is indicative of two disparate national trends: State boards of education embracing the importance of quality ECE for young learners as they struggle to define what constitutes quality in the face of increasing diversity in classrooms across the country. Latinos now account for nearly a quarter of students in Illinois classrooms and one-in-four Illinois children under the age of five. A third of this young, growing Latino student body is an English Language Learner (ELL).
This segment features interviews with Dr. Sonia Soltero, chair of the Department of Leadership, Language and Curriculum and former associate professor and director of the Bilingual-Bicultural Education Graduate Program at DePaul University and Sylvia Puente, executive director, Latino Policy Forum.
For more information: www.latinoedbeat.org or www.latinopolicyforum.org

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