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Through advocacy and analysis, the Forum builds a foundation for equity, justice and economic prosperity for the Latino community. By catalyzing policy change, the Forum works to improve education outcomes, advocate for affordable housing, promote just immigration policies and strengthen community leadership.


Latinos on the Move 2018 Fundraiser - Equity For All: Harnessing the Momentum

10th Anniversary Equity for All: Harnessing the Momentum luncheon, celebrating another year of amplifying Latino voices in the public arena and shinning a spotlight on issues relevant to the Latino community.

RT @inclusionist: How many people would be affected by the Trump administration’s proposal to radically redefine the vestigial “public char…
The Trump Administration released a proposal over the weekend that would affect immigrants applying for a green card by labeling them a “public charge.” First, the Forum would like to strongly emphasize that this change HAS NOT been filed yet, so there is no need to panic and there is no benefit from disenrolling from any public benefits and social services. In addition, when this change is filed, it will take months for it to go into effect. The Forum will send out alerts once the filing is made official and the public comment period has begun to urge you to submit your comments during the 60-day period allotted for this rule change. Please conduct business as usual, but stay tuned for more information regarding the rule, where to find resources, how to submit your comment and what the next steps will be regarding the ruling and how we move forward. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/22/us/politics/immigrants-green-card-public-aid.html
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