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The Latino Policy Forum is the only organization in the Chicago area that facilitates the involvement of Latinos at all levels of public decision-making. The Latino Policy Forum conducts analysis to inform, influence, and lead. Its goals are to improve education outcomes, advocate for affordable housing, promote just immigration policies, and engage diverse sectors of the community, with an understanding that advancing Latinos advances a shared future.


Immigration: The American Dilemma

Tickets are selling out fast to attend the City Club of Chicago luncheon moderated by the Forum's Executive Director Sylvia Puente and featuring a panel that includes the Hon. Jesus Garcia, Juan Rangel and John Rowe.

RT @MiFamiliaVota: Our community needs us more than ever before. Here's how you can help immigrant families stay together https://t.co/QS
CALL TO ACTION! Call your state representative now and support the Student ACCESS Bill! The Student ACCESS Bill, which would give 4-year public universities the option to provide financial aid to undocumented students who pay in-state tuition, is likely to be voted this afternoon in the Illinois House of Representatives. Please call your state rep today and ask them to vote for HB2394! If you know who your state representative is, go to this website http://www.ilga.gov/house/ click on their name and call their Springfield office number. If you don’t know who your state representative is, go to this website http://www.elections.il.gov/districtlocator/addressfinder.aspx and type in your address. Call Script: You: Hello, my name is ____________. I’m calling to leave a message for representative ______________. Assistant: Ok, what’s your message? You: I want representative _____________ to vote for HB2394, the Student ACCESS Bill when it is debated on the House floor. Thank you! Background information: While undocumented students who meet certain criteria are eligible for in-state tuition, they are not eligible to receive federal student aid, Pell Grants, Illinois’ MAP grant or other forms of state-based financial aid. However, federal law allows individual state legislatures to offer undocumented students eligibility for state financial aid. It is important to note that this legislation is not a mandate on public universities. The proposal would provide universities with the option to make undocumented students who pay in-state tuition eligible for university-based, institutional aid on a competitive basis. As such, universities may elect not to provide financial aid opportunities to undocumented students or to delay that process until after the budget impasse. Many undocumented college students are participants in the Federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and have permission to be in the United States. DACA allows certain individuals who meet specific guidelines with temporary relief from deportation. After submitting appropriate documentation and being vetted by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, DACA recipients receive a social security number and a renewable work permit. Let’s help these students earn their college degree and contribute to the Illinois economy!
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