Our Mission

The Latino Policy Forum is the only organization in the Chicago area that facilitates the involvement of Latinos at all levels of public decision-making. The Latino Policy Forum conducts analysis to inform, influence, and lead. Its goals are to improve education outcomes, advocate for affordable housing, promote just immigration policies, and engage diverse sectors of the community, with an understanding that advancing Latinos advances a shared future.


Webinar: Children in the Anti-Immigrant Age

Childhood and immigrant advocate organizations are presenting a webinar geared toward the early learning provider and administrator community.

RT @WSJ: Judge issues nationwide block on Trump’s order to deny some federal grants to 'sanctuary cities,' calling it unconstitutional http…
“In this moment, these kids are growing up with a lot of fear because the established narrative says that they come from families that come from rapists, murderers, and drug traffickers. We are such a complex and profound culture, and these kids need to be empowered to stand up and say that what is being said about them is a complete lie.”
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