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Governor Rauner issued his third state budget address yesterday afternoon.  During the speech, he outlined his Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) funding priorities with an emphasis on state funding for Pre-K – 12 education.  While he signaled his position on various elements of the Illinois Senate’s ‘grand bargain’ package of bills, the bottom line remains the same there – there will be no progress on adopting a budget until the Legislature passes some combination of non-budget, structural reforms.

Governor Rauner and the Legislature have yet to agree to a fully funded, year-long operating budget since he took the oath of office in January 2015. According to a survey conducted last year by the United Way of Illinois, more than 1 million residents... Continue Reading

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The Latino Policy Forum condemns President Trump’s attacks on vulnerable immigrant communities in Illinois and across the nation through his executive orders to extend the southern border wall, threats of funding cuts to cities and counties that grant sanctuary to undocumented immigrants and the ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries. Such shortsighted executive actions have already endangered people and needlessly ripped families apart.  

“While not unexpected, given the anti-immigrant rhetoric employed by the President during his campaign, this decision is still a devastating blow for the millions of immigrants and their loved ones,” said Sylvia Puente, Executive Director of the Forum. “We stand strong with our sisters and brothers in the immigrant and Muslim communities. The Forum is... Continue Reading

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By Manny Gonzales

The Forum joined immigration advocates from across Illinois who gathered today in Chicago to protest Donald Trump’s executive orders targeting sanctuary cities, banning refugees from specific war torn countries and directing federal resources for construction of his promised border wall.

While these executive actions were signed under the auspices of protecting the United States from violent threats, they are nothing more than racist policies fueling xenophobia and Islamophobia resulting in our nation’s current political climate.

“Worst of all, we know immigrant families across the country are in a deep state of fear and sadness,” said Julian Lazalde, Civic Engagement Manager at the Forum.

Trump's promise to attack sanctuary cities... Continue Reading

By Manuel Gonzales

A majority of Latinos in Illinois are worried about the incoming president's agenda. Relying on Trump's promises documented in major news media, Latinos in Illinois are bracing for sweeping changes in laws and Cabinet appointments that would threaten immigrants (documented and undocumented), Spanish-speaking students in public education and low-income families relying on public housing and affordable health care.

To shine a light on anticipated anti-Latino policies, the Latino Policy Forum has set out to inform and empower community leaders about decisions in Washington D.C. that threaten Illinois communities by creating Impacto Illinois, a webpage featuring news updates and key partner organizations to follow. In addition, Forum also recently... Continue Reading

Season of Giving

The Forum’s work helps protect some of the most vulnerable groups in the Latino community: Children and immigrants. You can help protect them too by making a tax-deductible DONATION to the Forum today.

We’ll soon begin a period that promises to be the most anti-Latino in our nation's history, sprouting federal policies that could negatively impact Latino families and rip across the fabric of America. As one of only a handful of comprehensive Latino policy and advocacy organizations in the nation, the Forum plays a key role in guiding and empowering Latinos to shape a better future for all of Illinois.

The Forum believes that Latino families can thrive and prosper in Illinois.  Achieving economic prosperity starts with an improved public... Continue Reading