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Dear Friends,

I am outraged by the assault on Latino immigrants and families. Our humanity as a nation is in turmoil. Infants being ripped out of their mother’s arms, in some reported cases while their mothers were nursing them! An NBC reporter described the deplorable conditions at an old Walmart now substituting as a child immigrant detention center in Brownsville, Texas, where children wear bar-coded bracelets and see the sunlight just two hours per day. An immigrant detention center bus specially outfitted with child seats to transport babies. Babies! My heart aches. My tears flow. I put the responsibility for this fully on the shoulders of the current presidential administration. This assault must stop.  

Anyone who knows me... Continue Reading

Census 2020

The Trump administration has looked at every opportunity to target the immigrant community. We’ve seen protections, such as DACA, rescinded which has caused panic and fear amongst DREAMers and all immigrants in the U.S.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Census Bureau announced its desire to include a citizenship question in the next decennial Census. This, by the very act of asking the question, will discourage Latinos (and other immigrant communities as well) from being counted. Community service organizations that rely on federal funding to support Latinos will suffer.

There will be two major consequences if Illinois Latinos DO NOT fill out and turn in their census:

  • If Latinos in Illinois do not submit the census, they will not... Continue Reading

There is a new front in the president’s all-out assault on immigrants, with the White House’s announced intention to impose harsher rules for determining when immigrants are considered a “public charge” – a legal designation that can block a person’s path to permanent legal residency (i.e., obtaining a green card). The Washington Post received a leaked draft of proposed changes to the law showing that the Department of Homeland Security would redefine "public charge" to include mere "use" of any public subsidy rather than "dependency."

Under current immigration law, an immigrant seeking a green card must show that he/she is “not likely to become a public charge," which is someone who is unable to support themselves and thus likely to depend on government... Continue Reading

By Roberto Valdez Jr, Latino Policy Forum Communications Associate

Christian Gutierrez, Director of Latino Affairs for Governor Bruce Rauner, declared May 9th, 2018 Latino Unity Day in Springfield. This was the first time in the event’s 7-year history that the Governor’s Office officially recognized Latino Unity Day as a day of advocacy at the state capitol. The announcement by Gutierrez underlined Unity Day’s event theme, Illinois: 2.2 Million Latinos, 1 Voice, which focused on the growing Latino population in Illinois, the importance of Latinos leveraging their civic influence and speaking up about issues affecting the Latino community.

This unifying message was heard throughout the day.  At the Legislative Luncheon, Illinois State Comptroller Susana Mendoza spoke before a crowd of more than 200... Continue Reading

Latino leaders across Illinois are breathing a sigh of relief this week as Governor Bruce Rauner signed a $38.5 billion state budget for fiscal year 2019 into law – the first time a full-year spending plan has received bipartisan support in the Legislature and enacted since 2015.   

The Latino Policy Forum is pleased that all our requests and topic areas advocated for, which will have a significant and long-lasting impact on the Latino community, passed the General Assembly.

Some of the Forum’s requests included millions of dollars in funding for Bilingual Education pre-K through 12th grade, including $50 million extra for Early Childhood Education. As part of our efforts to advocate for immigrants, Illinois Welcoming Centers will get over a million dollars... Continue Reading