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The Latino policy Forum is the only organization in the Chicago area that facilitates the involvement of Latinos at all levels of public decision-making. Its goals are to improve education outcomes, advocate for affordable housing, promote just immigration policies, and strengthen leadership within the community. The Forum conducts analysis to inform, influence and lead, with an understanding that advancing Latinos advances a shared future. The Forum’s 2021-2022 accomplishments include:



Illinois Latino Agenda

Illinois Unidos/Addressing the COVID Crisis

  • Educated thousands of Latino community members and provided consistent information on impact of COVID crisis by producing 3 TV programs televised on Telemundo; producing dozens of infographics in English and Spanish on topics such as why should I get a COVID booster shot?; and developing a health promotion network of 20 community organizations. 

  • Directly addressed COVID crisis by vaccinating over a thousand people. 

  • Produced “What is the ‘Lost Years’ Gap? Years of Potential Life Lost for Latinos and Black Communities”, a webinar detailing how COVID has impacted Years of Potential Life Lost for Black and Latino communities and thus the need for additional investments in these communities in collaboration with the Chicago Urban League and Illinois Unidos. The webinar has over 350 views on YouTube. 

  • Continue to elevate equity and how Latino have been impacted by COVID and its cascading social and economic consequences by publishing 23 blogs. 

  • Elevated the dialogue around COVID’s detrimental impact on the Latino community through two peer-reviewed papers published in academic journals. 
      • Illinois Unidos: A Community Demands Equity, Justice, and Inclusion, American Journal of Public Health, October 2021. Read here.
      • Devastating effects of COVID-19 among Latinos have not been adequate emphasized by media, public health, research, or government, American Journal of Ethics April 2022. Read here.


  • Educated more than two thousand immigrants on their housing rights by informing them of tenant protections, housing laws, policies, and other resources by writing and distributing thousands of copies of Housing Rights for Immigrant Tenants Handbook, an accessible, introductory guide in English and Spanish. 

  • Partnered to secure cash assistance of $80 million for low-income immigrant families, who were previously ineligible for federal and other types of relief due to immigration status, assisting an estimated 23,000 households. 

Multicultural Leadership Academy/Promoting Black Brown Unity

  • Partnered in groundbreaking conversation on anti-blackness in the Latino community, reaching over 8 thousand households across the United States and Mexico, in collaboration with Univision Chicago on Facebook Live event in Spanish.

  • Promoted Black and Brown unity through racial healing circles and art therapy and received mental health support resources by organizing more than 21 community-based events attended by over 300 residents. Events also highlighted local artists and supported small business owners. 

  • Elevated dialogue of role of the media in creating narratives around Black people, the race question in the U.S. Census, and recognizing privilege in communities of color through podcast created by MLA alumni, The Safe Space Podcast. Podcast episodes are available on Spotify and iHeart Radio. 

  • Strengthened relationships and collaboration between Black and Latino communities by co-hosting “Reimaging Unity in Black and Brown Communities in Chicago, a two-part conversation with Chicago Urban League. These conversations have over 300 views on YouTube.