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The HEROES Act will ensure stimulus checks and other essential relief for all individuals, including mixed-status familes. We can't afford to fail them again.

By Fanny Lopez Benitez, Civic Engagement Manager, and Sarah Cartagena, Immigration Analyst

The exclusion of undocumented workers and their families from stimulus relief in the CARES Act has been detrimental to the recovery of our nation’s health and economy. Illinois lost $706 million in federal stimulus relief because of the categorical exclusion of these mixed-status families (i.e. families with at least one undocumented member).

That lost money would have helped stimulate the Illinois economy and keep families in their homes. While Illinois has provided some assistance to these community members, we need the federal government... Continue Reading

Dear friends and neighbors,

I hope that you’re finding some slivers of light in this trying year. In the spirit of helping each other, I thought I’d share a couple that I’ve found for myself.

Over the past few months, I’ve taken some time to reflect on the changes to our societal landscape that this moment has catalyzed. There are two reflections in particular that have filled me with optimism and hope. Both of these lessons came from young voices in the street, and both have to do with bringing important, previously taboo subjects into mainstream conversation.

I’ve spent my entire career—nearly 50 years, if I go back to my youth as an activist—in pursuit of... Continue Reading

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Los datos no dejan lugar a dudas: Las comunidades de color de Illinois se han visto afectadas de manera desproporcionada por el COVID-19. La pandemia ha asestado un golpe devastador especialmente a la comunidad latina. En la actualidad, los latinos suman el mayor número de casos reportados, así como el porcentaje mayor de resultados positivos en las pruebas realizadas. 

Sólo hace falta observar los números relativos al empleo para entender cómo hemos llegado a esta situación. Sólo el 16 por ciento de los latinos puede trabajar desde casa, la tasa más baja de entre todos los grupos étnicos y raciales. Esto supone un... Continue Reading



The Latino Policy Forum and the undersigned respectfully pledge solidarity and allyship with the Black community at this watershed moment. To our Black brothers and sisters: Your pain is our pain, and your struggle is our struggle.

Black lives matter. The Forum grieves for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and for all the lost lives and destruction caused by structural racism.

At this moment, a valve is being opened. What’s being released is hundreds of years of pain, frustration, and anger resulting from stolen Black lives. It’s pent-up rage that has festered over the course of our nation’s history, a history marred by systemic inequality and... Continue Reading

The Latino Policy Forum applauds the Illinois General Assembly for passing a Fiscal Year 2021 budget and other COVID-19 related legislation in a four-day span. Though the circumstances were challenging and unusual, the legislature stepped up to provide the people of Illinois with a bipartisan budget. Totaling over $40 billion, the FY21 budget includes a $5 billion line of credit from the U.S. Federal Reserve. 

The Forum is pleased that the FY21 budget will fund comprehensive health coverage for low-income immigrant seniors made especially vulnerable by the COVID-19 crisis, making Illinois the first state in the country to do so. The Forum also commends the passage of legislation to expand voting opportunities by mail for the 2020... Continue Reading