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The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 proposes funding to support immigrant communities, permanent-resident eligibility for DACA recipients, and a new pathway to citizenship.

By Sarah Cartagena, Immigration Analyst

The United States ushered in a new political era on Wednesday when the Biden-Harris administration officially took office. The new administration immediately sent a clear, reverberating pro-immigrant message by introducing to Congress the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021—a comprehensive immigration bill—and signing numerous immigration-related executive orders.

A major highlight of the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 is that it provides a pathway to citizenship to many undocumented individuals. The bill seeks to allow tax-paying adults present in the U.S. on or before... Continue Reading

Immigrants drive growth, labor, and economic vitality in the United States and are essential for social saftey-net programs to function.

By Sarah Cartagena, Immigration Analyst, and Noreen Sugrue, Director of Research

The United States is on track to flounder economically without an increase in immigration.

Using 2010–2019 Census Bureau data and early initial data from the 2020 Census, The Brookings Institute has published new analysis that underscores the importance of immigration in the United States. The analysis explains that for the US labor force and productivity to grow, thereby creating a robust, expansive economy, immigration must increase by at least three times the current level. 

The immigrant population... Continue Reading

The new COVID-19 relief bill passed by Congress was desperately needed and is more inclusive than the CARES Act, but still fails American children who are suffering the most.

By Sarah Cartagena, Immigration Analyst, and Noreen Sugrue, Director of Research

Prayers and pleads were partially answered this week as Congress passed a much-awaited and urgently needed COVID-19 relief bill, exactly nine months after the passing of the previous relief bill, the CARES Act. During these nine months, thousands of Illinois families suffered infection and death from COVID while desperate for food security and employment. Thousands more faced fear of eviction as rent and bills went unpaid... Continue Reading

Forum Director of Research Noreen Sugrue provides regular updates on the implications of the latest COVID-19 health data. This week, she analyzes the gap in outreach to Latinos in Illinois, and especially to those in the working-age range, which are experiencing astounding death rates.

By Noreen Sugrue, Director of Research

As more and better clinical options for detecting and treating COVID become available, we must recognize that equity needs to be the lens and metric by which we access the efficacy of all COVID-prevention efforts.

For Latinos, the risk of infection is enormous. Of all racial and ethnic groups, Latinos are at... Continue Reading

This letter is excerpted from Sylvia Puente’s comments at the Forum’s virtual policy fundraiser, "Latinos On The Move: Purpose, Passion, Unity."

Friends and neighbors, 

As I reflect on how the Forum is thinking about the COVID crisis, I think about what COVID has exposed, exacerbated, and broken. The cumulative impact of COVID on Latinos cannot be overstated, and the cost is much more than health. It is ripping through the Latino community with deleterious health, social, and economic consequences.

This crisis has brought to the forefront the structural inequality that exists in our society, and the hardships that so many families have. It’s exposed the challenges of surviving economically when 60 percent... Continue Reading