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Friends and neighbors,

For over 12 years, the Latino Policy Forum has proudly been a small shop with big ambitions. Advocating for Latinos throughout the state of Illinois is forever at the heart of our mission, but over the years, we have had occasional opportunities to influence public policy on a federal level. We certainly never pass them up when they come.

The Biden administration is the third presidential administration to hold office since the Forum’s beginning, and of all three, I have never felt so invited to sit at the national table, so welcome to share what we are seeing in our communities here in Illinois. The... Continue Reading

The community deserves better.

Noreen Sugrue, Director of Research, Latino Policy Forum 

The pre-pandemic socio-economic gains by Latinos, the release of the preliminary 2020 census data, and the roller coaster that is COVID all together provide an opportunity to understand how COVID is far more than a health issue. It is a threat to the ability of the Latino community to extend their pre-pandemic gains in educational attainment, income, and labor force participation, among others. And the start of Hispanic Heritage Month is the perfect opportunity to look at all that.

Two studies provide a detailed and illuminating story of the pre-pandemic Latino gains and contributions. Prior to March 2020, both nationally and in Illinois, Latinos were... Continue Reading

By Noreen Sugrue, Director of Research, Latino Policy Forum


COVID has certainly elevated the importance of undertaking global analysis about economic and social inequities in order to more fully understand that those have led to COVID’s disproportionate impact across the globe. This is especially true among the economically disadvantaged.

We know that COVID has had and continues to have a disproportionately devastating impact on Latino, Black, and other communities of color. In the United States, the disproportionate impact COVID has had on racial/ethnic minorities is mentioned quite often in many analyses and discussions of COVID. Nonetheless, what has not been mentioned nearly enough is just how disproportionately Latinos in the United States have been impacted by COVID. For instance,... Continue Reading

A pesar de los incesantes desafíos del último año y medio, nuestra comunidad se ha mantenido poderosa, influyente y enfocada de muchas maneras.

Por Michelle Ramírez, Encargada de Casos Principal, Family Focus Cicero

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Trabajando en Family Focus Cicero, una comunidad local sin fines de lucro, he tenido el privilegio de ver a nuestras familias prosperar a pesar de los obstáculos y desafíos tan abrumadores en este último año. Tomándome un momento para reflexionar, quería compartir las increíbles características de nuestros inmigrantes, latinx y las comunidades de color, y en realidad aprovechar esta oportunidad para resaltar nuestro poder comunitario.

La... Continue Reading

Despite the nonstop challenges of the past year and a half, our community has remained powerful, influential, and focused in so many ways.

By Michelle Ramirez, Lead Bilingual Case Manager, Family Focus Cicero

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Working at Family Focus Cicero, a local community nonprofit, I have had the privilege of seeing our families thrive through such overwhelming barriers and challenges in this past year. Taking a moment to step back and reflect, I wanted to share the incredible characteristics of our immigrant, Latinx, and communities of color and really give space to highlight our community power.

The immigrant experience... Continue Reading