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Friends and neighbors,

As days of summer are upon us, and our mood and psyche hopefully lighten as we emerge from the worst of the pandemic, we cannot forget that the impact of COVID-19 on the Latino community will be long-lasting.

As I’ve stressed before, given the high prevalence of COVID among Latinos (over 10 percent of Illinois Latinos have been infected), if even a fraction of those infected show long-term symptoms, it will have a debilitating impact on our health system and on many of our families. Keep in mind that a preponderance of those cases have been to young, working Latinos. The mortality rate among... Continue Reading

Principales conclusiones en materia educativa, de inmigración, de vivienda, de la redefinición de distritos, así como de otras áreas fundamentales para el bienestar de Illinois y de su comunidad latina

04 de junio, 2021

Por Latino Policy Forum

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A principios de semana, la Asamblea General de Illinois aprobó un presupuesto de $42.300 millones, así como una serie de leyes, que serán clave para el bienestar de todos los habitantes de Illinois. La Asamblea General y los líderes estatales llevaron a cabo un esfuerzo coordinado para aprobar un presupuesto equilibrado que lograse cerrar algunas lagunas fiscales. Esto permitirá, sin duda, generar ingresos adicionales para financiar servicios públicos en... Continue Reading

Key takeaways in education, immigration, housing, redistricting, and other areas critical to the well-being of Illinois and its Latino community

By Latino Policy Forum staff

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Earlier this week, the Illinois General Assembly passed a $42.3 billion budget, in addition to other key pieces of legislation, that will be critical to the well-being of all Illinoisans. The General Assembly and state leadership made a concerted effort to pass a balanced budget that closed corporate tax loopholes, which will generate revenue for public services in the years to come. The Forum applauds these efforts and the investments in education, housing, health and human services, immigration, and other public services that... Continue Reading

A thorough look back on the new administration's accomplishments and shortcomings in immigration policy and recommendations for moving forward

By Sarah Cartagena, Immigration Analyst; Louisa Silverman, Immigration & Housing Analyst Intern; & Sofia Gomez, Housing Policy Intern

On the campaign trail, President Joe Biden made many promises to the immigrant community, including pledges to swiftly undo the harm caused by the policies and executive actions of the previous administration and to improve the immigration system. In... Continue Reading

Dear friends and allies of the Latino Policy Forum, 

As you likely know, since March 2020 the Forum has been reporting on the cumulative rate of COVID cases and deaths by race and ethnicity. That cumulative data illustrates the horrific toll that COVID has taken and continues to take on the Latino community. As indicated in the data, there are more than 10,000 cases of COVID for every 100,000 Latinos in Illinois. Said another way, approximately 10 percent of Latinos in Illinois have or have had COVID, which is a rate 59 to 164 percent higher than it is for any other racial-ethnic group.

I wanted to share a new analysis that provides a quarterly summary of the rate of... Continue Reading