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The CHA Waitlist Lottery Registration Opens:  Latinos Stand to Gain More Access to Affordable Housing

The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) is opening its waitlists for the first time in almost five years. Historically, Latinos have been underrepresented in CHA programs. With the waitlist opening, Latinos stand to gain more access to affordable housing.

Based on the Forum’s analysis of the 2012 CHA Annual Report and Census American Community Survey 2012 5 year data, 23 percent of Latinos are eligible for Family Public Housing and 22 percent of Latinos are eligible for the Housing Choice Voucher program. Yet, they are only participating at ten percent and eight percent respectively. Additionally, based... Continue Reading

ForeclosuresThe foreclosure crisis has had a significant impact on the City of Chicago, changing the landscapes of community areas and contributing to the decline in the city’s population. National and regional organizations such as the Woodstock Institute and the Latino Policy Forum have conducted extensive research on the foreclosure crisis and its impact on various racial and ethnic groups. Woodstock Institute analysis  reveals how predatory and subprime lenders targeted and preyed upon Latinos and other communities. The effects of these predatory loans—combined with those of the general financial crisis—have had a significant impact on Latino communities in Chicago.

There is no information... Continue Reading

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