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Estoy indignada por el ataque perpetrado contra las familias y los inmigrantes latinos. La humanidad de este país está en crisis. Los niños están siendo separados a la fuerza de los brazos de sus madres; ¡hemos conocido casos incluso de niños que han sido apartados de sus madres mientras les estaban dando pecho! 

Un periodista de la NBC ha descrito las condiciones deplorables de lo que antes era un Walmart y que se ha convertido en un centro de detención de niños inmigrantes en Brownsville, Texas. En dicho centro, obligan a los niños a llevar pulseras con códigos de barras, y solo se les permite ver el sol dos horas al día.   Un autobús para trasladar detenidos con... Continue Reading

Forum Executive Director Sylvia Puente joined Senator Dick Durbin on June 25th at El Valor's Cantu Children & Family Center in Little Village to meet with a classroom of children making cards of encouragement for children who've been separated from their families at the southern border. 

The following are Sylvia's comments to the media about the issue of family separation: I am outraged by this assault on immigrant and Latino families.  I am outraged by the callous disregard for the value of families.  I am outraged that human beings are being compared to an “infestation." 

I believe that our humanity as a nation is in turmoil. I believe that our response... Continue Reading

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Dear Friends,                         

As Illinois slowly transitions into springtime weather, we look forward to the longer days with more sunshine, blooming flowers and fresh changes. Upon reflection however, the Forum is  excited to have launched the second cohort of the Multicultural Leadership Academy, which brings together Latino and African American community leaders for intercultural collaboration and leadership building. The academy is the Forum’s initiative to strengthen relations between black and brown communities in Chicagoland for equity for all in Illinois. You’ll hear that slogan, equity for all, more in the months to come, so stay tuned.

The Forum... Continue Reading

Dear Friends,

Winter days are here which means colder weather, shorter days and plenty of holiday cheer. It also means there are only a few days left in 2017, making me reflect on the past year and look forward into 2018. There have been moments this year that our country can feel proud and optimistic about, most recently seeing the incredible voter turnout in the Alabama senatorial election. We saw African American voters, specifically African American women, go to the polls in record numbers, which shows us the great impact voter engagement has on elections. 

Still, there’s an urgent need for Americans to get engaged with the government at a federal level... Continue Reading

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Dear Friends,

This Fall feels as if it’s a time of wonderful and frightening transitions. The days grow shorter, the skies get darker, the weather gets colder and the kids are back in school. The worlds challenges are difficult and testing our resolve.

Many of us have had family or people we know impacted by the hurricanes that have devastated Caribbean Islands, Texas and Florida, the California wildfires and the earthquakes causing widespread havoc in Mexico. As of this letter’s writing, we’re keeping our brothers and sisters in Caribbean in our hearts as Hurricane Maria bears down on Puerto Rico.... Continue Reading

Statement by Forum Executive Director Sylvia Puente

The Latino Policy Forum congratulates Juan Salgado on being named the new Chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago and commends Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the City College Board on wisely  choosing a strong leader who will act in the best interest of all students in these challenging times of funding shortages for higher education.

Juan is a longtime friend and ally of the Forum and as CEO of Instituto del Progreso Latino has been  involved in the Forum’s Latino Agenda.  He has been instrumental in building award-winning innovative job training programs at Instituto that provide working families a path to economic security. We look forward to his continued success at City Colleges.... Continue Reading

A Statement from Sylvia Puente, Executive Director, Latino Policy Forum on the 2016 Election:

The Presidential Election ushered in unprecedented levels of Latino participation in the electoral process. Preliminary data suggests there were surges in Latino early voting and overall turnout this year. This enthusiasm must be celebrated and harnessed into ongoing participation in civic life.

The political evolution of the Latino electorate has also produced gains in elected office at the state and federal levels. The U.S. Senate will seat the first Latina in our nation’s history following the election of Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada. In Illinois, Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza won her election to serve as the next Comptroller, a critical statewide office that facilitates the disbursement of Illinois... Continue Reading

Fall 2016 Newsletter

  ·  Sylvia Puente

Dear Friends,

As we all know, our beautiful state of Illinois is struggling and our nation is locked in a presidential debate that I believe will define the soul of our increasingly diverse, pluralistic society.  On the days, when I ask what else can  the Forum do? 

I start with going back to the facts, leveraging our electoral power, and strengthening the web of communication and relationships to find strategies and solutions. This letter provides the facts around the myths that are being perpetuated on immigration by a leading presidential candidate, and while the Forum is a non-partisan organization, we encourage you to VOTE.  Election Day... Continue Reading

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This op-ed was originally published in Crain's Chicago Business. See full article here

After Donald Trump's much touted immigration speech last month—the one many anticipated would signal a softening of his immigration stances in order to attract Latino voters—I was left even more puzzled than before about his true intentions. 

Trump's rhetoric was softened from prior to his visit to Mexico, but the underly
ing racism was still dripping from his speech. As his followers chanted their support, the Republican nominee went down a list of victims of violent crimes perpetrated by undocumented immigrants from south of our border. While these were terrible crimes, he chose not... Continue Reading

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Summer 2016 Newsletter

  ·  Sylvia Puente

Dear Friends,

Despite the festivities and warmth that make this time of the year special for everyone, there’s a cloud hanging over the state brought on by the failure of government officials to pass an operating budget at the end of the state legislature’s spring session for the second straight year. 

While much of state government continues to function through court orders and consent decrees, children and families are unnecessarily suffering due to the lack of state funding for human services and higher education.  According to a recent survey conducted by the United Way of Illinois, nearly 1 million people are without services because... Continue Reading

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