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Dolores Ponce de León

Civic Engagement Manager

Dolores manages the Housing department for the Latino Policy Forum.  She provides community outreach, advocacy, data collection and analysis.  She also works closely with members of the Housing Acuerdo on implementing strategic housing policies.

As the youngest daughter of immigrant parents from México, Dolores uses her personal passion to advocate for the human rights of marginalized populations and underserved communities.

Dolores’ professional experience includes serving as a community organizer, administrator and consultant for nonprofit organizations in Chicago, southwest Kansas and San Juan, Puerto Rico, respectively. She is a recipient of MALDEF’s Community Service Award and a former Leadership Greater Chicago Fellow.

Dolores holds a Master of Arts Degree in Latin American and Latino Studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a concentration in urban development and affordable housing. In addition, she has a post-graduate Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy from Loyola University Chicago.

Contact Dolores by email or at 312-376-1766 ext.236