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It is essential to provide nuanced and culturally sensitive explanations and analyses of housing and living arrangements to ensure that a descriptive narrative accurately portrays how people live. This is especially important in understanding the Latino community's multigenerational and multifamily living arrangements.

In 2022, nearly one-third, or 32%, of Latino households in the nation, were multigenerational. For Latinos, choosing to live in multigenerational or multifamily situations is often mutually beneficial to all. These arrangements make childcare and elder care more manageable, for example. They also reflect the profound significance of familial ties, the preservation of cultural heritage, and respect for elders. In this context, multigenerational living is a cultural practice, a way of life, and a manifestation of... Continue Reading

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In ongoing discussions of the housing affordability crisis, the cost of rent or mortgage payments is often the focus of attention. Utility expenses are frequently left out of the housing affordability equation. However, utility costs, (e.g., gas, water, electricity, and the internet), are a critical aspect of housing affordability for renters and homeowners that needs to be addressed. 

Attention to utility costs in the context of affordable housing is critical because these costs disproportionately have a negative impact on low-income and minority renters and homeowners. 

Internet as an Essential Utility

Internet costs are often overlooked as a necessary household expense, but it is crucial to recognize these costs are an essential utility in today’s interconnected... Continue Reading

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