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Electoral Participation

  • 2018 Gubernatorial Questionnaire Responses J.B. Pritzker (Spanish)

  • 2018 Gubernatorial Questionnaire Responses J.B. Pritzker

  • 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate Questionnaire Questions

  • 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate Questionnaire

    The Illinois Latino Agenda, the largest coalition of Latino-led nonprofits in the state, has created a candidate questionnaire to elicit information from candidates that will help inform voters as they cast their ballots for the next Governor of Illinois.  With more than 40 member organizations across the Chicago metropolitan region, the Illinois Latino Agenda reaches more than 250,000 people each year in a wide range of areas including health care, family services, education, and small business development. 

    By arming the Latino electorate with salient information, the coalition aims to foster greater civic participation in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

    After attempting to contact each candidate, through multiple platforms, only one of the four candidates responded and submitted answers to the survey.

    You can read the entire Questionnaire in HERE

    2018 Illinois Gubernatorial Candidates:

    Bruce Rauner (Republican) - Did not submite a questionnaire.

    J.B. Pritzker (Democrat) - Did not submite a questionnaire.

    Kash Jackson (Libertarian) - Did not submite a questionnaire.

    Sam McCann (Conservative) - Did not submite a questionnaire.

    You can read Questionnaire responses from candidate J.B. Pritzker HERE


  • Latino Unity Day 2016

  • 2015 Municipal Runoff Election Analysis

  • Voto X Voto


    The Illinois Latino Agenda, the largest coalition of Latino-led nonprofits in the state, invited each candidate running for Mayor of Chicago to respond to a candidate questionnaire focused on issues salient to Latino residents. The questionnaire contains 14 questions spanning the following topics: governance, education, workforce and economic development, community safety, immigration, housing and health care.

    As a coalition of nonprofits, the Illinois Latino Agenda is not permitted to endorse candidates. Rather, its goal is to foster greater civic participation in the upcoming election by equipping Latino voters with valuable information about each candidate vying to serve Chicago residents.  

    Latino voters, a growing share of the City’s electorate, will play a major role in determining the outcome of the election. 

    The Mayor and each of his challengers responded to the questionnaire and laid out their vision of service to Latino residents in Chicago. You can access their responses below. 

    2015 Chicago Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire 
    Cuestionario de candidatos a la alcadía de Chicago 2015

    Please share the candidates’ responses in English and Spanish with your family and friends on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag  #VotoXVoto.    

    Early Voting in Chicago

    • Early voting for the 2015 Chicago Municipal Election began yesterday and lasts through Saturday, February 21.  
    • Chicago voters can cast their ballot at any of 51 sites Monday – Saturday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and five sites on Sundays.  
    • In order to vote early in Chicago, voters MUST bring a government issued photo ID with them to the polls.
    • To view a sample ballot, Click Here enter your information, click on your name, and then click on ‘sample ballot.’  

    Voter's Bill of Rights
    You have a right to:

    1. Cast your ballot in a non-disruptive atmosphere free of interference.
    2. Vote if you are in line by 7:00 p.m.
    3. Vote by provisional ballot if your registration is challenged, or there is no record of your registration.
    4. Vote at your old polling place if you have moved within 30 days of the election.
    5. Request assistance in voting, if needed.
    6. Bring newspaper endorsements or sample ballots into the voting booth.
    7. Protect the secrecy of your ballot.
    8. Review your ballot to ensure it is complete and accurate, and correct your vote if there is a mistake or you change your mind.
    9. Have your ballot counted fairly and impartially.
    10. Bring your minor child in to the voting booth with you.

    If any of your above rights are violated, call Election Central at 312-269-7870.


    Check back here for election updates, upcoming events, and additional information.