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Attacks on Immigrants are Attacks on America

The Latino Policy Forum condemns President Trump’s attacks on vulnerable immigrant communities in Illinois and across the nation through his executive orders to extend the southern border wall, threats of funding cuts to cities and counties that grant sanctuary to undocumented immigrants and the ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries. Such shortsighted executive actions have already endangered people and needlessly ripped families apart.  

“While not unexpected, given the anti-immigrant rhetoric employed by the President during his campaign, this decision is still a devastating blow for the millions of immigrants and their loved ones,” said Sylvia Puente, Executive Director of the Forum. “We stand strong with our sisters and brothers in the immigrant and Muslim communities. The Forum is doubly committed to working to strengthen immigrant families and those who serve them while continuing to push our elected officials at all levels to recognize the talents and gifts bestowed upon this country by immigrants regardless of color or creed.”

The President’s actions are discriminatory against all immigrants but particularly those Muslim travelers who sought asylum through the U.S. refugee resettlement program. There are over 21 million refugees who desperately need our help and our nation’s vetting process is already ample and effective in ensuring our safety. Our nation’s strengths and values are because of the generations of immigrants who have come to this country, not in spite of them.

As part of that commitment, the Forum will continue to inform and educate Latinos in a way that empowers them to take action and make their voices heard. Recognizing that the White House has demonstrated a penchant for pushing out fake news, the Forum has launched Impacto Illinois, a resource on our website that provides the most up to date information about developments at the federal level that could negatively affect Latinos and immigrants in Illinois in addition to important resources to follow for further details. We urge our followers to rely on this webpage, submit items and stay informed on these important issues. 


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